Here are a few of my favourite TV shows / Series and why I really like them…

Babylon 5

There are no other show like it, Sci-fi or any other. It was planned as 5 seasons, with a clear beginning, middle and end. One very big story, set in space on the edge of the rim…

I can still remember seeing the first episode and hating it. You see, I expected Star Trek with its clean futuristic ships and bright light. Instead I found a dirty, down and gritty look. Strong contrast with how I perceived Sci-fi at that point in time.

I saw some of the episodes on one of our local stations, but no where near the complete series. So, with some of my hard earned cash, I bought the Babylon 5 Universe boxset in my first year of a working person. It is only when watching it back to back that I got a true understanding of  the truly epic scale of it all…

If you have never seen Babylon 5, then you have missed out on a epic story and one of the best Sci-fi shows of all time… 

West Wing

You either love The West Wing, or you don’t. You might think that it is a political drama, since it is about the workings and dealings of the White House, but sadly, that will be your first mistake. It is a drama, comedy and exploration of people and characters unlike anything else I have ever seen on TV.

It is an American TV series, yet it does not feel that way, it tackles serious issues, yet you never feel exhausted after you watched it. It makes the mind work, it lets you think, yet it does it while you don’t even realise it. Yes it is also very liberal, maybe that it is biggest flaw…but in the end it is great television! I own it on DVD and I have watched it three times already…it is that good.


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