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  Doom 3 (id Software)
  Quake III Arena (id Software)
  Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Raven Software)
  Starcraft II

Favourite Games

I have played a lot of games over the years and on this page I thought I will mention some of them with a short section as to why I like them / why I return to them sometime for my gaming fix:

Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360)

One of the few games I actually have for my Xbox 360. It is simple, over the top, yet fun. A racing game that is firmly arcade and not shy about it. Consoles can do racing justice and this is a little gem that has given hours worth of fun.

It has a variety of game play, there is crashes, tournaments, traffic checking and lots more. Playing it, you get that feeling of insane speed. Few racing games get this right, it is not the graphics or physics, it is that illusion of insane speed…and Burnout Revenge has it by the bucket loads…

Doom 3

Doom 3 is one of those games you either love or hate. I think to a degree I am neither. For Doom 3, there is a lot to love and hate. I hate the stupid scare tactics, it gets old really quickly…

The part however that I really love is the old schoolness of it. Yes, it has simple basic game play, AI from the mid 90’s, yet I still love it.

In the end it is the environment that really does it for me. Never before have I played a game that has that level of detail in it and to this day none has since. Yes Crysis and Farcry 2 has great graphics, but not of them has close quarters detail to the extend of Doom 3. Maybe that is the reason while it still looks so good. You play it today, it can match a few games out there, especially once you start to fiddle with the setting in the drivers.

For all the things it is not, I love it for what it is, a really well made game with great graphics, big guns and some old school game play.

Quake III Arena

The daddy of multiplayer only FPS. Yet it is not the multiplayer component that brings me back to this. You see, I bought my copy on the Friday of launch here in SA way back in December 1999 and it has been on my drive ever since.

What I like about it most however, is it addictive game play. Nothing liked a stressful day, coming home, loading some bots… some general killing, blood…leading to 10 minutes game and a relaxed state…

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

There is just something about Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Every year I come back to it. It has that something, that something that you just cannot quantified in words…That elusive X factor…

When it came out it was using an already fairly old Quake III Team Arena engine. So it is not the graphics. It also has fairly basic AI, the normal run and gun stuff. So what is it about it?

Well it is the way that it plays…you see, after almost 10 years and many many times through the game, it will still punish you quickly if you get cocky… and I think that is what brings me back to it. It plays old school, run and gun, it has treasures and secrets, and variety and it is build and made just brilliantly almost bug free and flawless.

It is fun, funny, over the top and just downright great. The graphics looks a bit dated, but turn up all the settings in the Graphics drivers, crank up the resolutions and soon you will be once again immersed in a level of game play few games have these days…

Supreme Commander

I am useless at playing RTS, but I love them to bits… I normally cheat or use a trainer. You see I like to upgrade to the best units, build a ridiculous big army and then march over the battle flied crushing everything that is in sight. I am useless at managing resources…

I used to play Starcraft and Warcraft like that. I will manage a couple of stages on my own, but it is normally not long before I get stuck…

Hello Supreme Commander! A game that is all about building massive armies and a 1000 units and go smashing your opponents to pieces.

A perfect fit then? Even better than perfect, you see, Supreme Commander has an economy model for resources, it has a rate of production and a rate of consumption, as long as you have positive flow (income > expense) you can forget about resource gathering al together…making the actual game part, the part I like so much about RTS, that just much more fun and special!


Probably one of the biggest games of all time…period, so why can’t I stand it anymore?

Because I overdosed on it…I for the life of me can not stand playing it again…I just simply played it to much…it is worthy a mention, but changes are I will never play it again…

Still looking forward to Starcraft II…

Starcraft II: Wings of liberty

I had mixed feelings about playing Starcraft II, partly because I had such fantastic memories from the first game. In the end, Blizzard being Blizzard, they delivered a game that is very polished and true to the original and a fun experience to play.

The game does have one thing lacking though, scale. It does never feel like you are entangled for a galactic battle. The maps are by the original game standard medium at best. Whether this is by design or a limitation of the modern 3D engine, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I miss the bigger maps. What is the point of building a big army if you have a small battle?

Overall the game is well made, was fun to play and the story does feel epic a bit. Truth be told, I enjoyed the Protoss mini campaign the most.  It was closer than what I was looking for in Starcraft II.


Bet you, few has ever heard of this little gem, published by Epic Games. It is a genre that has died out completely, 3D has killed it and it is rather sad actually, Arcade space scrollers…

Tyrian might not be as well known, but it was the best one ever made, you could actually finished it without bashing the keyboard. To add to that, it had stunning music, great graphics, stunning guns and beautiful (and some very tuff) stages.

It even had a little story to it, not that I have ever cared for that. Over the years it has provided a lot of fun, but here is the really great part, it has been open sourced…and you can play it too. Just search for OpenTyrian and there you go.


The original Unreal opened with a beautiful flyby over an castle with high reflection marble floors. What a sight back in 1996.

The game itself brought a new level of fineness to the world of FPS. The stages was big, vast even…the colours used in the design was colourful, a far cry from the dull brown of Quake. The game play was still old school, but it has a little more to it than what we where used to in the day. The guns was also fairly unique.

All of this added to the beauty that was Unreal. Pity Epic never made the sequel, because that, was rather forgetful and an injustice to the original!


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