Dating is a brutal sport. Anyone that has ever dated will have their own stories of their misadventures. I started chatting to a potential great guy. Started out slow, which is actually a great sign of a person of substance. If the discussion heads south to packages size in less than 10 minutes it is normally a sure tell that the guy is just interested in NSA. This, this did not give off that vibe.

So, as always, I took my cue from my chat counterpart and just chatted about normal everyday stuff. I am not shy to share intimate details, but I let the other party bring that up. I really enjoy just chatting for company’s sake. From our chats, it became clear that we really had a lot of things in common which excited me. It has been a while since I connected with someone.

Anyway, what was meant to be a rapid sharing session after he revealed that he is kind of excited about the prospects from our chats as well, but that he does have some concerns like the 5 year age gap, I let slipped that I am hairy. Now, firstly, I understand the dislike, I am not a great fan of this much hair either, but it turns out that being hairy is a deal breaker for him. He could not date a hairy person, but he can sleep with him if I am interested.

Now people have dismissed me because I am over weight. They have dismissed me because I am not a model, but this one was rather a spanner in the works I did not see coming.  As to how much of a deal it is, it has killed all interest to chat.

Being a guy that thinks of himself as just a normal guy, gaylife can be hard to phantom, let alone understands. To all singles, I hope with you all that there is indeed a lit for this particular pot casted and that it still looking as well.


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