Faux Best Interest

If there was ever a terrifying thought for any introvert, then it should be representing your company at a trade show. It sounds pure torture. So yesterday when I was asked if I would work at the Good food and Wine show I was wondering what these people were thinking. Firstly, I am no sales person and definitely not outgoing. I struggle to make small talk with a dog, let alone a human. Luckily they had a great selling point as to why I should accept: “You might actually meet someone at the show”.

Thanks for turning my lack of a boyfriend into a selling feature so that I can cover for you while you could not plan to be present at the show yourself. That annoyance aside, the portion that bugs me the most is what gives these people the right to even say something like it? Yes I am 34 and single, don’t have any prospects of a potential boyfriend on the radar, but what gives them the right to reduce my personal and painful situation into what feels like a punch line for a joke at my expense?

To say that this angers me and annoy me, well that is an understatement.


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