Will to live

I arrived at work on Tuesday with the news that one of our workers committed suicide over the weekend. We were discussing it and we all concluded that he was a quiet guy, that always showed up at work, never an issue, but in the same way, we also did not know much about him. Only that he did not the type to commit suicide. That is what got me thinking however, who is that type? What cause one to stop to have the will to live?

It is a hard thing to contemplate in the one sense, because we as humans have the will to live, to fight. We are so stubborn, we will kill each other just to advance ourselves or our cause, yet we are also capable to be depressed, withdrawn and lonely to the point that there shines no light in our life. There have certainly been days that I have wondered why I live this life. Why I am racing on this road to nowhere all alone? Why I keep on putting myself out there to meet someone, only to be rejected?

I am no stranger to these dark thoughts, but in the end I have always reminded me on the good things in my life and that is maybe why I am writing this. When we interact with a person or a stranger, treat them like you would like to be treated. Remind them that there are still good and kind people in this life, that despite the dark clouds, there is always a sunny day coming again. It might not be paradise, but it is your life and in ways unenvisioned by you, it is precious.


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