To SSD or not to SSD

The question is rather redundant since I already bought the SSD, but I would like to take some time to discuss this.

For me the biggest problem to overcome with an SSD was the cost. At R21 a megabyte, it is all but cheap. So why did I buy it?

I am first to admit that I am a bit of a computer geek and gadget lover. So the prospect of owning something that is not exactly main stream is very appealing. The days of buying things on impulse are far gone, I just can’t afford it anymore, the cost of growing up and owning a house I supposed.

I have this tradition where I buy myself something whenever I pass an exam or receive a promotion or increase. So passing an exam that I wrote 7 times is as good a reason as any. It came down to choice between a new graphics card and a new storage system. In the good old days I would have bought both.

One of the primary reasons why my last computer upgrade was not perceived to be that great was the fact that I retained my two aging 360Gb SATA hard drives, not exactly cutting edge.

I have read a lot about SSD’s. So going in I knew that I will see faster boot times. What I got however is hard to explain in mere words. It is best to experience it in person. To tell you that booting from cold (power off) to desktop in 32 seconds does sounds impressive. The old configuration could do it in 62 seconds, which I thought was rather good.

But apart from bragging about boot times, what impact does a SSD have on your computing experience? You see this is where the true beauty of SSD’s comes in. No benchmark can measure the fact that with an SSD in place, Windows is fast and responsive as any other hand held tablet made by the company with a fruit for a name. You click on a program, it is available almost instantly. In fact, even slow starting Firefox feels fast loading. This to me is the true benefit of an SSD. For the first time my computer feels cutting edge.

As for the rest of the upgraded storage system, the Black Western Digital SATA3 1Tb drive is exactly what I was looking for, a fast conventional hard disk with loads of storage at a reasonable price. I only buy Western Digital and I only buy a hard disk with a 5 year warranty. I have always felt that paying that small premium is worth it.

The only question remaining, what is next to be upgraded?


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