Some much needed updates

Well since my blog has taken a back seat of late, I was looking it over a bit and realised that it is severely out dated for various reasons. So I am updating a couple of things.

My stuff page has two rather important additions, no, make that 3 actually.

The entertainment unit got a bit of an overall. Gone is the 32” LG LCD TV. We bought a new one, a 37” LG LCD Scarlet. We did not pay for it, so that was a bonus. We’ll, there is no such thing as a free TV and strictly speaking, we will be paying for it over 30 years…I used my Homebuy voucher that I received from ABSA when I bought my home to purchase it. The TV was the best of the bad choices available and in hindsight it was the correct pick.

The next addition was a bit of an impulsive purchase. We added a Sony S370 Blu-ray player. Now, truth be told, I was torn about this addition. I did not really think that it was necessary, but I wanted it. The whole HD thing I thought was overated. However, if you don’t own a Blu-ray player yet and you have an HD TV, seriously, WTF! It is awesome. I find the MKV support the most valuable addition. Just a pity so few Bly-ray disks available at rental stores…

The last addition was due…I bought a new PC, well, a new mobo: RAM, motherboard and CPU. The rest was kept the same to keep the cost down. In true opposite direction as the previous mobo, this one is middle of the range as opposed to my previous low budget with big over-clocking. I took a ASUS  P7H55D-M Evo motherboard with 4 Gb DDR3 1333 RAM and a Intel i7 860. The machine is less of a beast than it seems on paper (or pixels?). My old Geforce 8 8800GT is showing its age and my decision not to upgrade hard drives is also holding it back. It is clear that a new hard drive will go a long way on fixing some of the sluggishness experience during day to day operations and in Windows.

This new setup however does differ in one very unique way from all previous computer setups before it. I no longer have dedicated audio. In the end I retired (sold) my Audigy 2 sound card and opted for the on-board audio. I also sold the 7.1 Creative sound system as it was just too bulky for my small study/second bedroom.


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