Starcraft II–Wings of liberty

I was meaning to write about Starcraft II, just have not managed to get my thoughts sorted. You see the problem is, I really wanted to dislike this game. There are plenty of reasons to dislike it too. Its campaign is split over three games. It has online DRM. It has a ridiculous price tag and it was hyped to hell and back. The bottom line is, it represent everything I hate about the gaming industry of late.

The truth however is this. This is a Blizzard game; more so, it is the sequel to the only game I ever overdosed on. Playing it does not help either, because 5 minutes in you cannot but like it. It is familiar, yet fresh. It is polished. It is smooth and it is well made and most of all it is fun.

But is it truly a great as everyone has been saying it is? You see this is where it gets murky. Online rating would you believe that is a game changer, with scores of 90+ from everyone.

The sad part it is not. How much I want it to be, it is just not. In fact it is in some aspects it is less of a game than the original. It is easier, more accessible, which is great, but it does not have the same scale as the original. The maps are all smallish, nowhere near the massive maps of the old game. The battles also do not feel that epic. You just don’t feel like there is a galactic battle on the go…and this is the problem with Starcraft II.

There is all this focus on the story, they split the game in three to get this story across, yet they fail at the very basic level, they failed to convince me that there is an epic battle for the galaxy still on…What is Starcraft without a galactic battle? Just this, another sci-fi RTS…

Don’t get me wrong, it is brilliantly made, it plays awesome, and it is smooth, slick and fun and I really enjoyed it…but after 10 years, is this all what we get? A rehash of the old, but on a smaller scale? This to me is the low point of Starcraft II and the main reason that a solid 80 would be a better score for this game. Come 2012, we are waiting for part 2 and my sole wish is that Blizzard wakes up to the fact that Wings of Liberty was good, not great and leaves a lot to be desired as far as the legacy of Starcraft is concern.


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