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I am a Facebook gamer…Shocking I know.  So why am I confessing this? One might have called me a serious gamer once. What happed to me? How did I went from high detail, Geforce killing graphics to playing flash games in a web browser?

Many questions, but in the end there is a really simple answer and it is a surprising one as well…you ready for it? They are more game than anything I have played in a while. Big claim…can I back it up…

That my friends might be a little harder to do, or maybe not? What are some of my favourite games of all time? Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake 3 Arena, Quake, Tyrian, Duke 3D… you see a pattern? They are old. Over ten years old actually, but wait there is more. I like these games, not for their graphics…or sound…or advance AI…I like them because they are great games to play, they make the time fly, make me relax. They are fun. Braindead, yet fun.

I have played al lot of games over the years. Still do, but it is different these days. I still have the rig for it, but I just don’t have the time to spend 4 hours struggling on the same stage, because some game designer thought it will be cool for a monster to attack you at the point in the game that you have zero ammo or to insert a monster that you can’t kill…for the sake of the story, while zooming into frame by frame for dramatic effect… or my least favourite part, thought that quicksave is so 90’s, so instead you can die a 1000 times and have to do the stupid boss battle again and again…

My time in the evenings are limited. I want maximum game, maximum relaxation and heaven forbid, maximum fun. I just don’t get it anymore from games like Crysis or Dead Space. They are brilliant games, well made, have stunning graphics and good AI even an engrossing story, but they miss the point. They are stressful, annoying and worst of all, just not fun.

Take my stupid Facebook games instead, they are simple, repetitive, yet engrossing, challenging and competitive, but most of all, they are fun. You keep coming back to them. You play them for 10 minutes, have some fun, feel satisfied and then you move on… maybe that’s why my gaming PC is 3 years old and I am more worried about upgrading my version of flash than my aging Geforce 8800 GT.

In the end I am going to leave you with this question: Am I less of a gamer?


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