20 years on..

I listened this morning and during the day to people drowning on about how important this day has been. What a big watershed moment it has been. Yes it was. That part I do get. The part I did not get however, is how every one is sounding like 20 years ago everything changed, like we are now living in utopia…job is done…Just because people think you are living in utopia, does not mean we are…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Mr De Klerk made a mistake or we should go back… I love this country to bits. It is my home. I can attest to it, because there is just no feeling like stepping off a plane at OR Tambo after a 3 months stint abroad and know you are home.

You see here is the thing. De Klerk had the guts to say guys, we need to take the initiative, negotiate, avoid civil war…He had the vision to foresee the shit that could come…

15 years in under our democracy, where is the ANC’s vision? Were is the reconciliation? The unified nation? Did it end with Mandela’s unity Government? Did it end once the TRC filed its final report?

You see after 15 years, I can not but feel that we are just starting…there is so much to do. Poverty is rising, corruption is in the order of the day. Service delivery is no where near acceptable. Escom is rudderless and stealing us blind. Shall I continue?

Are these things still Apartheids fault? When does it becomes the ANC’s fault? When will someone in the ANC grow the balls FW had on 2 Feb 1990 and stand up in parliament and said: “People of SA, we need to take the initiative, not talk about it, not promise it, for fuck sake, do it.“

That is what FW did…he did not talk about it, he did it, he stood up, told SA, ANC unbanned, Nelson free, no talking, no debating, DONE…When last did this happen? When will it ever happen again?

Maybe it is to much to ask it from politicians…Maybe I should ask: What is your and my roll in all this? When last have we said, it is done…


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