I am bad

Ever had one of those days were somebody told you are a horrible person, without even knowing you? Well I have just had one of those…

It must be the crowning achievement of what has to be the worst two week run I had in a while and it is just Monday, heaven helps us what the rest of the week shall bring…

I just don’t know what to say to that. Clearly I am offensive then… It would also explain why my date of two weeks ago just dropped off the face of the planet…why the guy just stopped talking after I made a joke or the guy was too nervous to meet me on Saturday…

One look at these things and you wonder how I even accumulated any friends. I have tried so hard to be better, be helpful, be good at what I do, yet there is just no break coming is there? It makes one wonder why even try? I looked forward to the move and I have to wonder if that will not come to nothing as well, like the other things in my miserable life. Fuck…hope there is not any ladies reading because I had to hear this afternoon that it is bad manners to swear in front of a lady…

All that is left tonight is weep and type…what more can you say?

I am going to take a break for the next couple of days, stay offline and just try to find myself in this storm. What happened to the kid that was always happy, had a joke and was so care free?


2 Responses to I am bad

  1. Odi says:

    You are a very old friend, and I am not really in a position to give any advice. But I can tell you that I have shared similar experiences on this journey of life (I guess). One thing that I have picked up (I have a tendency to really tick people off if need be). The idiots that tend to leave such crippling remarks usually feel offended by your presence. Their lack in self esteem will make them feel threatened by someone who believes in himself\herself. If treating the emotional side of self is troublesome, I think try asking the idiot what made him leave such an inappropriate remark. Then smack him. Ha ha.

    • MadMan Writing says:

      Thank you for the advice. I wish that we could just shrug these things off and not even think about it. But it is hard not to. In the end all that you can do is hear it, take it from whom it came, how it was set and try your level best to fix what you can and move on.

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