my love

my mind remembers time
when 2 lovers met for joy
there was no pressure
just time to learn to play

like kids we rolled in hay
with no plan for tomorrow
or little respect
of what we doing

when it got serious
it was time to run
for I am not ready
to love the one

but I have been thinking
of you and life
and have been dreaming
of living and caring

I still see you, the man of men
the guy that lit my soul
I just wonder
what will be heaven

I miss your touch
your kiss
your mouth
but most, I miss your love

I ask patience
to learn to love
to be a friend
more than just lust

for you are special
in many ways
more that I
could ever say

what is love
I am not sure
but what we share
is great

that I can’t loose you
is for sure
what we have
I still don’t know

this is maybe best
because in love
there is no rest
just now and the best

time will tell
what heaven know
in a way that lovers
can only hope…


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