Being lonely…

It is funny, have you ever had the feeling that there are plenty of people that you know, can talk too, can be with, yet you are feeling alone? Desperate for that human interaction… I wonder sometimes if this is part of the basic human programming. The need to search out fellow humans, have conversation, be social.

There was a time in my life that I would not consider it a problem. I would simply do my own thing. It was part of hiding and part of survival. Company, meant risk, risk of people getting close. The downside of that life style is that I have made few very sociable friends. Most of mine, very good friends, are reserved relaxed people. They suited me fine.

But as one gets older and the realisation kicks in that your friends is getting married and having families and you are not, that you have become the third wheel. I have a dinner invitation this weekend, generally I would have been looking forward to it, but I am not.

You see, the problem is, they are a happily in love and a “clinging” couple. So in the end you feel like an intrusion rather than friend. Maybe this is the down side of having mostly straight or “normal” friends. I don’t know. Maybe this is just one more thing to get use to.


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