Little pet peeves

All of us have them…they are stupid, yet we let them get to us.

Yesterday I was highly irritated, you know, the kind were everything is just wrong, you feel like just climbing on top of a hill and stare, probably with a stare to kill. You don’t want to talk to friends, family, hell; you even don’t want to deal with yourself.

I hate it when I am like that, but this morning, when the fog had lifted, I was thinking about the trigger of all this stupidity. On Saturday I was out to dinner with a friend and in the process, stopped by my post box to pick up my post. I found that my magazine, for which I have subscribed,  was not there. This tiny little insignificant matter loaded the gun so to speak!

Was that the explosive, or just the match? I have been mulling this and came to the conclusion that it was simply the match. The explosive was the following

  • My friend at dinner fumbled around with the payment of the bill trying to figure out the rand and cents he owed, this is something that annoys me, so I just paid the thing
  • Another friend phoned me after I told him to just wait till the next day to hear if I could talk him through the steps to install a new drive in Windows. I am not a walking tech support!
  • Two data DVD’s I borrowed to a friend has become a permanent transfer of ownership

If you look at it, it is small stupid trivial things, but it is these little pet peeves that from time to time just become a shrapnel bomb that just want to detonate and hurt.

The really silly part, none of these things truly matter, none of these are friendship enders, it is just little pet peeves, part of the complex being that is me…


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