The cost of living at home

There is an often expressed misconception that it is cheap to stay at home with your folks. People that say something like that clearly moved out in their late teenage years before adulthood set in.  Any person that has lived with their parent in their early adulthood will tell you that the cost of living with your parents is high and that it had nothing to do with money.

You see as I am sitting here typing, I am deeply irritated.

The idiot that tell you it is easy living at home, free laundry and food…utopia? Yeah right, I will cook any day my own food and do my own laundry.

You see what they take for granted is their freedom. I gave up a breakfast with friends this morning. Why? To avoid the inevitable fall out. You see, my brother is home this weekend, and I was out at friends Friday and Saturday night. So if I miss the last remaining main dinner while he is here, there will be issues…

So, rather give up the breakfast and spent it at home. Not like I am socialising…I am typing this after all. The cost of living at home has truly nothing to do with money; it is the cost of giving little up little things that other adults take for granted!


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