The first cut is the deepest

I have always wondered what Cat Stevens meant by his words “The first cut is the deepest”. Tonight I know. It is the deepest, because one loose a part of you innocence. You see you believe in love and love in its purity. Love that conquers all. And when you have your first love and it ends, this believe is shattered and you loose a part of your innocence and soul.

Slowly but surely the past six months I have fallen for someone. As it turns out I was alone in my descent. It is so easy to do, no matter if you are 16 or 28 it so easy. You fall in love with the notion of being with someone. You see, very few actually fall in love with the person, but the idea to spend your life with someone, that idea is powerful and seductive, it lets one see things that is not there, it lets one miss warning signs, it is that that makes one blind.

If I sound like a cynic, maybe I am, the first cut is the deepest and my wound is still fresh, but this brings me to my real reason for writing: What is true love then?

True love, some will say that is the love of God, true. True love can be two people that die 6 months from one another because of a broken heart, true. True love can be that of a parent. True love can be many things. So let me tell you what true love is to me.

True love to me is friends. Not Facebooks “friends”. Friends! People that stand above you with open arms when you lie at the bottom of the barrel of the drink of love or rundown flat on the road of life. They my friends, they are true love.

You see, your spouse, or partner in my case, they must be your best friend, to be your true love.

Last night a special friend was my true love, he had an ear and coffee and a shoulder to cry on. That, that is true love, and that will last.

PS many artist has sang The first cut is the deepest, to me the Cat Stevens version is the one that always play in my head. Sheryl Crow comes a close second. No decent CD collection is complete without a copy of Cat Stevens greatest hits…


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