6 months and counting

Rejection. Every persons biggest fear. What I have learned the past 6 months is that people that reject you, they are not people you wanted to keep company with in the first place.

It was late afternoon on 19 April 2008 when Jaco and myself strolled down the beach. He told me about a friend that after 4 years has returned home to tell his parents. It was a moving story. He told me how happy he seemed and that he has never seen him that happy. He then made a statement: “It must be very painful and difficult to live such a lie…” A statement to which I simply answered: “You have absolutely no idea how difficult and painful”

By the time we returned home the fire was burning for the braai and so the fire in my soul, I have finally told someone.

In three weeks after that I told most of friends and after careful consideration most of the senior people at work.

I am lucky in many ways. I never truly experience rejection. Some was stunned, some was shocked, some was relieved…not all people is that lucky. Not all workplaces is so open like Greenwoods either. For that I am grateful.

Some has asked me why now? Well, there is not one answer to that. But many things. There was New York and three months alone to think. Their was Greenwich Village with all the happy couples. There was the Bucket list, an truly moving movie that all must see. It is for young and old. More so for the young…The over riding matter I think is my 28th birthday and Anton Diedericks words. “guys, at 28 is time to settle down…” I think he was right. I do want someone to share my life with and I only started to realise that in New York. I realised that my life has gotten down to sleep work sleep… I want more and I could not do it without being honest first.

I wrote before of the 4 resolutions:
– Get direction in my career (I.e. pass the f*%$ing exam)
– Get my own place
– Get out of the closet
– Meet people and get someone in your life

Well, it is a work in progress. Point three I consider done. Point four is on going (I have met some rather great people…one in particular:-) Point two is on hold till after New York and point one, well we are focusing on that one at the moment.

I have also continued my path of exercise and healthy living. I have lost 35kg and still going and looking bloody good thank you, feeling even better!

I wanted to finish by saying thank you to all the great people in my life. I am truly blessed and lucky. I have read many stories about people and their experiences. Mine was a walk in the park compared to theirs. The reason for that is that I have a bunch of great people in my life and for that I am very grateful and truly blessed.


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